Client Portal

Fingertip access to all your Sgroi financial products.

We are pleased to offer all current clients access to our new online portal. The Sgroi online portal provides transparency into the products you hold with the firm. Using the portal, clients can view up-to-date balances on 401K accounts, mutual fund holdings, life insurance products and more.

Built with ease-of-use and mobility in mind, the Sgroi Client Portal can be accessed by clicking the client login button at the top of our website or by directly accessing: from any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

Key Features:

View how your assets are diversified in your portfolio(s) and review current balances:

Learn more about your funds and research others.

View your previous and upcoming appointments with your advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to client portal?
To get access to client portal, simply ask your advisor during your next appointment. Your advisor will have you complete a simple form and provide you access and a brief walk-through.

Is my data secure?
Yes, the Sgroi Client Portal utilizes modern, 256bit encryption and is only accessible over a secure connection.

Can I use client portal from my smartphone?
Yes, the Sgroi Client Portal is built with mobile in mind and is designed to display optimally on most smartphone and tablet devices.

Can I buy financial products through the portal?
No, the client portal is designed to provide transparency into the investments you already have. If you wish to purchase products, please call your advisor.

Something does not seem right when I log into the client portal. What should I do?
Please report the problem to us by sending us a message through our contact form or by clicking the "Feedback" link within client portal.

How often are my balances updated?
Most balances are updated nightly. A date appears next to each balance to indicate when it was updated.

Will I still get mailed statements if I opt-in to client portal?
Yes, your will continue to receive monthly statements and summaries. We are exploring an opt-out of paper mailings in the future however. At the time this is implemented we will contact you to understand your preferences.

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