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Whether you’re thinking about divorce or separation, are in the middle of the process and need assistance making financial decisions, or have recently dissolved your marriage and have a new financial reality, you need a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  A CDFA gives expert advice during a stressful time, providing you the best opportunity of reaching a settlement that address your short and long term financial needs.

It’s very difficult making major financial decisions during stressful situations.  If your marriage is dissolving, you need not only legal, but financial advice.  During major life transitions, it can be hard to make clear decisions.  A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst works with you and your attorney to guide you in making financial decisions you won’t regret in the future.  Divorce often dramatically changes your financial plan.  Potentially losing ½ the household income and reducing half the marital nest egg, it’s important to get the help you need from a professional trained in the financial realities of divorce.   

A divorce financial analyst can help:

  • Complete the lengthy and overwhelming financial affidavit that is required from your attorney
  • Help get you organized financially saving you time and legal fees
  • Assist you in completing a budget to determine household expenses pre and post-divorce
  • Help you understand the tax ramifications of alimony (taxable to the receiver, deductible by the payer), and the division of retirement and other financial assets
  • Illustrate various settlement proposals utilizing personalized cash flow and net worth reports illustrating your situation
  • Help avoid common mistakes and pitfalls 
  • Help provide peace of mind with your new financial future
  • Can often save you time and money in the process reducing apprehension and misunderstandings about the divorce process
  • Educate you about special circumstances with retirement accounts  and Social Security due to divorce
  • Help determine if you can afford to keep your home
  • Calculate the current value of any marital pension plans and explain what a “QDRO”
  • Assist with the division of retirement and other investment accounts

Our CDFA, Jennifer, is also trained to assist you with a Collaborative Divorce.  Aside from using the traditional litigation or mediation process to formally become divorced, the Collaborative method allows for a private, respectful, and less adverse process to dissolve your marriage.  Originally introduced in 1990, it is slowly becoming the method of choice for divorcing couples who are looking for a “better way” to dissolve their marriage respectfully, confidentially, and equitably without going to court.  For more information visit www.divorce-buffalo.com.

Jennifer can help examine your personal financial concerns and provide you and your attorney with powerful data to help you determine the short and long term impact of the financial decisions you need to make today.  Contact Jennifer at jenniferj@sgroifinancial.com or at (716) 674-6700.

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